Interior Digital SignageVideo display marketing, for you & your business.

Engage your customers in multiple locations throughout your community.

How it Works

TV Displays Strategically placed Throughout YOUR community

We have a number of display tv’s strategically located throughout the Windsor Essex County community. Your video ads are “looped” on these TV’s for people to view while they wait for a table at a local restaurant or wait for their appointment at the doctor’s office. Your story is shared with potential customers everywhere in your community.

Why Choose Us?

Improve the visibility of your business

Our campaigns help businesses increase online exposure, generate leads, and collect contact information from potential customers.

Having the right marketing strategy is extremely important in ensuring your business can beat the competition. Our talented and competitive team will build the right strategy for your business because we want to succeed as much as you do.

Our primary goal is cost effective visibility for you and your business. If you believe in having a consistent presence in your community like we do, connect with us.

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We want to make it easy for you to get your display ads up and running so you can reach more potential customers.

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